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Open Houses: Do They Work & Add Value?

Posted by Frank Dolski on January 17, 2018 in  Open Houses  Sellers
In any market the question Sellers always ask is, “Are open houses effective and why should we have them?”  You will often hear agents vent frustration when an open house results in a poor turnout.  After spending time and money to publicize it, clearing their schedules, asking their Sellers to prepare the home and then vacate it, there is still the possibility of no visitors.  This can be the outcome of a major effort and it is a common frustration for Realtors and Sellers.  ... read more
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The Importance of Staging

Posted by Frank Dolski on January 11, 2018 in  Real Estate  Sellers  Staging
“What is home staging?” is a common question for Sellers.  In simple terms, home staging is “dressing up” your home to make it look like the model home that a builder would use to sell new construction.  Realistically, though, there are several factors and variables that go into the home-staging process.   People will often say that they don’t need staging because their home is perfect, but according to Julie Pelly, owner of Creative Staging, Inc., “... read more
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Spring Selling Tips

Posted by Frank Dolski on January 09, 2018 in  Pro Tips  Sellers
With every new year comes change.  For some people, it’s a major life change such as a new job, which will require relocation, a new addition to the family, which will require a larger living space, or downsizing to a smaller home for empty nesters looking to free up more income during retirement or reduce maintenance. For others, it will be a much smaller change such as refinancing a home to pay off debts, college tuition or a small remodeling project.  Regardless of the reason, preparing to se... read more
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Millennial Buyers in the Marketplace

Posted by Frank Dolski on December 21, 2017 in  Buyers  Millennials
The largest group of homebuyers in America are the Millennial, or “Gen Y,” generation, ages 18-36.  They own 34% of the market share for all home buyers, they are 66% of all first-time home-buyers and those numbers are quickly growing.  With technology at the core of every decision, this generation is shifting home-buying trends and agents must be equipped to stay in the game by knowing the answers to these questions. True True (`````````... read more
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