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Preparing to Finance a Home

Posted by Frank Dolski, Associate Broker on March 12, 2018 in  Buyers  Financing
If you are in the market for a new home, but don’t have the cash to buy it outright, are you prepared for financing it?  You may currently have a mortgage, credit cards, student or auto loans, but how can you be sure that you are getting the best lending rates available to you when it’s time to buy a new home? Determine Your Budget.  Save at least 3 months of receipts and bills to add up all of your monthly expenses.  In addition to your car payment and utilities, you’ll en... read more
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Should You Consider Buying a Short Sale or Foreclosure Home?

Posted by Frank Dolski, Associate Broker on February 14, 2018 in  Buyer  Foreclosures  Short Sales
        When most people hear the words Short Sale or Foreclosure, two things usually come to mind: “There must be something wrong with that house” or “I’ll get the deal of the century on this house!”  These ideas are typically false, but there is some rationale behind them.  When properties become REO (Real Estate/Bank Owned,) the homes can fall into disrepair if the owners are disgruntled over being evicted and the price is often very comp... read more
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Top Reasons to Use a Buyer's Agent for New Construction

Posted by Frank Dolski, Associate Broker on February 01, 2018 in  Buyers  New Construction
Most homeowners are familiar with hiring a real estate agent to buy an existing home, but they often go through the process of buying a new construction home from a builder without agent representation.  After all, the builder's selling agent will be able to walk them through the process and help them every step of the way, right?  Wrong.  What people tend to forget is that the builder's selling agent represents the builder's interests and is focused on making the sale happen.  The Pennsylvani... read more
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Open Houses: Do They Work & Add Value?

Posted by Frank Dolski, Associate Broker on January 17, 2018 in  Open Houses  Real Estate  Sellers
In any market the question Sellers always ask is, “Are open houses effective and why should we have them?”  You will often hear agents vent frustration when an open house results in a poor turnout.  After spending time and money to publicize it, clearing their schedules, asking their Sellers to prepare the home and then vacate it, there is still the possibility of no visitors.  This can be the outcome of a major effort and it is a common frustration for Realtors and Sellers.  ... read more
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The Importance of Staging

Posted by Frank Dolski, Associate Broker on January 11, 2018 in  Real Estate  Sellers  Staging
“What is home staging?” is a common question for Sellers.  In simple terms, home staging is “dressing up” your home to make it look like the model home that a builder would use to sell new construction.  Realistically, though, there are several factors and variables that go into the home-staging process.   People will often say that they don’t need staging because their home is perfect, but according to Julie Pelly, owner of Creative Staging, Inc., “... read more
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