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Justifying Your Commission

Posted by Frank Dolski Associate Broker on July 24, 2018 in  Agents  Sellers
Back in the days before the internet sites like Zillow®, Trulia® and, folks who wanted to sell their homes relied solely on real estate agents to guide them through the listing process simply because they couldn’t access market information themselves. Now, we have Zestimates® inundating people with data about their homes’ values based somewhat on proximal sales data, but mostly using geographical radius data rather than empirical data (such as the specific neighborhood, upgrad... read more
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Why Are Home Sales Declining?

Posted by Frank Dolski Associate Broker on June 01, 2018 in  Buyers  Interest Rates  Millennials  New Construction  Sellers
The National Association of Realtors reported last week that US existing home sales dropped more than expected in April, falling 2.5% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.46MM units. Down 1.4% nationally since April 2017, the existing homes sales account for about 90% of sales and declined the most in the Northeast region by 4.4%.   Obviously, this trend varies market-to-market, but as a national trend, this is alarming to real estate professionals. So, what factors could be contributing to this st... read more
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Best Remodeling Returns

Posted by Frank Dolski Associate Broker on April 27, 2018 in  Remodel  Sellers
       If you’re like most of us, your home is your largest investment. And, like most Americans, you’ll want to improve your home over time for your own enjoyment and to boost its value.  When it comes time to sell your home, you want to make sure it appeals to as many buyers as possible, but you also want to make sure that your improvements equal a higher sale price.  According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 Cost vs. Value report, the average remodeling ... read more
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Protecting Data from Cybercriminals

Posted by Frank Dolski Associate Broker on April 09, 2018 in  Agents  Buyers  Sellers
In the age of technology, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep confidential information secure when the Internet is involved.  Look at the recent data breaches at Facebook (with at least 87 million users affected,) Equifax (143 million) and Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal app (150 million) and you’ll see the alarming trend of people entrusting their personal information to corporations, which failed to protect them.  In decades past, real estate transactions were executed with pen... read more
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Zillow's Accuracy vs. Agent Experience

Posted by Frank Dolski Associate Broker on March 27, 2018 in  AVMs  Buyers  Sellers
I hear it all the time from friends, family and acquaintances: “Real estate is my hobby.  I’m always looking at Zillow to see how my house compares to my neighbors’.”  If they are looking at the Zestimates purely for entertainment or to look at photos of a potential home to purchase, I see it as a valuable marketing tool.  But, when a potential Buyer or Seller insists that they won’t budge from the AVM (Automated Valuation Model) generated by Zillow, it can break a de... read more
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